New Twitter profile pages: A richer way to showcase your brand and engage consumers

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Every day, consumers visit Twitter profile pages to connect with the people, businesses and brands that interest them. This makes the profile page a key part of any brand’s online presence. Today, we are announcing a design enhancement to profile pages that will give all Twitter users a richer canvas to showcase themselves and drive stronger engagement across platforms. 

Twitter Profile Page

The new design allows users to customize their profile pages with header photos that will be visible on and, for the first time, on iPad, iPhone and Android. Now marketers can instantly engage Twitter users with rich images while creating a more consistent visual identity across devices. Here are two key changes to the profile page that advertisers need to know:

Profile header photo: All Twitter users can feature a new header photo on their profile pages that will appear across mobile and desktop. Simply upload a custom image or select a pre-loaded theme in the design tab within your settings page. For advertising partners with an enhanced profile page (EPP),  this new header image replaces the EPP banner. However, these advertisers will still be able to pin Tweets at the top of their timelines to spotlight their most important or timely content. 

Background image: Twitter users now have more control of the creative elements within the background image on their profile page. The new design gives marketers the flexibility to align the image and, therefore, use both left and right side of the background image to display rich, engaging content. The photos module on the profile page has also been enhanced to show the most recent six images a user has shared.

Twitter users can switch to the new profile design starting today by uploading new image assets. Eventually, all profiles will be updated to the new design automatically but we’ll notify all users before making this change. 

Posted by
Sachin Agarwal (@agarwal)
Product Manager

For image specifications, download this new profile page one-sheet.