Get Started: NFL on Twitter

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

At 8:30 p.m. ET tonight, the @NFL season will officially commence at Cowboys Stadium, where the Super Bowl champions @Giants take on their division rivals the @DallasCowboys.

With all NFL teams and a majority of players having an official presence on Twitter, fans can get closer to their favorite teams and athletes with these three steps:

  • Follow: Click “follow” for breaking news, behind-the-scenes stories, starting lineups, exclusive photos and insights from the teams. 
  • Enjoy: You don’t have to tweet to enjoy Twitter. You can just take in the experience, or voice your passion for your team. It’s up to you. 

While the season kicks off today, NFL players and fans have been in full-on football mode for a month, sharing their journeys, one Tweet at a time. Since Super Bowl XLVI, NFL chatter on Twitter has seen major spikes in activity.

Highlights include:

@RGIII sharing his journey through the NFL draft in April, training camp in the summer and the pre-season.

A twenty percent increase in NFL Tweets during the first preseason game on Aug. 5 (@saints vs. @azcardinals) versus last year’s HOF game.

A newly-crowned America’s team, at least according to the most mentioned team handles in the last 30 days:

  1. @Steelers 
  2. @DallasCowboys 
  3. @Giants 
  4. @Patriots
  5. @Saints 

With only minutes left until kick-off, here is a “get-started” page crafted just for NFL fans. Check it out to follow your favorite teams, players and coaches.

Omid Ashtari (@omid)
Head of Sports & Entertainment