Follow the playoffs to the #SuperBowl

Friday, 13 January 2012

This year, discovering the playoffs on Twitter is easier than ever: we’ve partnered with @chevrolet to launch Road to the #SuperBowl. Head over to get real-time updates from everyone watching every playoff game, including coaches, players, analysts and fans. While the teams move the chains on the field, on Twitter you can track who’s winning by the number of Tweets fans send about players and teams.

Last week more than 1.5 million Tweets mentioned @TimTebow during the Denver Broncos’ overtime win against the Pittsburgh Steelers—and, reacting to Tebow’s game-winning touchdown pass to @DemaryriusT, fans set a new Twitter sports record of 9,420 Tweets per second. That’s more than double the Tweets per second peak from last year’s Super Bowl game (4,064).

Tune in this weekend to follow every bold prediction, every sideline development and every game-changing down on Twitter. Can the @49ers defense slow down the offensive firepower of @Official_Saints? How will the breaking news and injuries reported by @JasonLaCanfora affect the match-ups during the game? And what do sportswriters like @SI_PeterKing and @sportsguy33 make of it?

If it’s happening on the field, on TV, or in the press box, it’s happening on Twitter. Game on!