Euro 2012 Recap

Monday, 2 July 2012

Congrats to Spain! Since Poland and Greece kicked off #Euro2012 in Warsaw, the world has watched Europe’s best footballers and teams compete for cup and country together on Twitter. Commentators, fans and athletes around the world supported their teams in song, in face paint and in Tweets.

My colleague @philogb created a visual summary of #Euro2012 in order to understand how people followed the tournament on Twitter here.

This data visualization shows how often people mentioned Europe’s top 16 national teams from the group stages through the final between Spain and Italy. You can see how often all of the teams were mentioned throughout the tournament and look at how mentions compare for competitors for each match. These different perspectives should give you a strong sense of how people reacted during the matches on Twitter. Look, for example, at the big spikes in Tweets that tend to occur during goals.

Euro 2012 Recap

The final match resulted in 16.5 million Tweets from fans around the world. And during today’s match, total global traffic on the platform peaked at 15,358 Tweets per second during the 4th goal, a new sports-related record on Twitter.

Finally, here are some of my favorite Tweets from today:

Posted by Miguel Rios, Analytics (@miguelrios)