Embed this tweet...from TweetDeck

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

With the latest version of TweetDeck Web and Chrome released today you can now embed a Tweet directly from your TweetDeck into your website or blog.

Here’s how it works:

Click on the … icon (More actions) on the Tweet you want to embed. A dropdown menu appears with all the available actions you can do on that tweet, there is a new option in here to “Embed this Tweet”.


Click on this option and the “Embed this Tweet” window will appear. Here you have the code which is used to embed the Tweet and a preview of what the embedded Tweet will look like.


Click on the code in the top box and it will highlight. Copy that code snippet and paste it into the code of your website or blog. And it will look like this:

As we’ve recently  discussed, we spend a lot of time improving TweetDeck for a large consumption of Tweets, as this is one of the core uses of the product. We’re also thinking about how we can help you bring more signal to all the Tweets you consume with curation features like embedding Tweets.

Posted by Ramón Argüello ( @monchote)
Front-End Engineer, TweetDeck