#DNC2012: Bill Clinton tops night two

Thursday, 6 September 2012

President Bill Clinton took the stage in Charlotte tonight and fired up Democrats in the arena and on Twitter alike. The 42nd President saw the highest spike in Tweets per minute of the night right at the end of his speech: 22,087. Interestingly, though this peak was higher than @MittRomney’s highest last week in Tampa, Clinton’s was less than @MichelleObama’s peak last night.

The peaks from his speech came at the following moments:

  • Discussing Obama’s job record: 16,115 TPM
  • Urging the audience to vote for Obama: 15,266 TPM
  • “All in this together” statement: 15,111 TPM
  • Discussing Hillary Clinton’s role, and “blood sport” line: 14,538 TPM
  • “Takes some brass” quip: 14,393 TPM

The peaks of the rest of the night belonged to two high profile women: Sandra Fluke (@SandraFluke) with 6,863 TPM and Elizabeth Warren (@ElizabethForMA) with 6,472 TPM.

And all that conversation added up. Through the end of night two, there have been more than 5.5 million Tweets sent about the #DNC2012.

Prominent Democratic party members took to Twitter to voice their support for their party’s speakers, and some color commentary, throughout the evening:

Tomorrow night we’ll be watching closely as President Obama delivers his acceptance speech. His Twitter Political Index score has continued to rise over the course of the convention— climbing 36 points since Monday. Will his big speech drive it higher? Stay tuned to @gov for more updates.

Posted by Adam Sharp (@AdamS)
Head of Government, News & Social Innovation