Discover music on Twitter

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

It might not surprise you to know that music is consistently among the most popular topics on Twitter. From interacting with your favorite artists to finding out about new songs, concerts and news, Twitter brings you closer to everything you love about music.

You can experience the biggest moments in music like the GRAMMY Awards together with other fans around the world. And whether you’re in the audience or watching from home, Twitter can take you backstage with your favorite musicians to experience their day-to-day firsthand. During this year’s South By Southwest Music Festival, for example, Alison Sudol of @AFineFrenzy gave her followers a pre-show look into her green room.

You can even reach out directly to your favorite artists. There are thousands of musicians on Twitter, and 49% of our 140 million users follow at least one of them. Some, like @tompetty, hold Q&A sessions with their followers, answering all kinds of questions (even offbeat ones). Others, like deadmau5, take fan interaction to a whole new level: when the DJ tweeted from the recording studio that he would be live-streaming a new song he was working on for his upcoming album, one fan added his own vocal track to the instrumental and tweeted to @deadmau5 to check it out. deamau5 liked it so much he decided to include it on his new single.

One last note: starting today, we’re making it even easier to discover and experience music on Twitter through a new partnership with Pepsi. @Pepsi will help people enjoy more music through free music downloads, music-focused original videos, and a series of pop-up concerts in the U.S. this summer and fall. Learn more about it on our Twitter Ads blog.