Countdown to #Chompdown

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Tomorrow night, the world will meet Sharkzilla. That’s right: Discovery Channel’s Shark Week (@SharkWeek) is back! And for the first time, viewers will get to see what it’s like being in the producer’s seat for one of the most popular TV events. During the nightly “chompdown”, viewers will get to choose what they want to see Sharkzilla sink his teeth into. Using the #Chompdown hashtag and item names displayed on air, they can cast their vote for what unlikely item will be consumed by the massive mechanical megalodon.

It may be Shark Week’s 25th anniversary, but this is the first time we’ve seen a TV program put the outcome of a show right into their viewers’ hands. Viewers can participate in the #chompdown from Sunday through Thursday (Aug 12-16), beginning at 9pm ET and 9pm PT. In true choose-your-own-adventure style, both the east coast and west coast Shark Week audiences will have a chance to choose the outcome that they’ll see at the end of the 10pm hour.

Fin-atics will also have a chance to be on air by tweeting about #SharkWeek and joining the Shark Week Twitter Frenzy, as Discovery Channel puts live fan Tweets on air each night in the 9 and 10pm hours.

Follow @SharkWeek to stay updated on all the jaw-dropping action, and get ready to cast your votes for what you want to see happen on your TV. Sharkzilla is waiting for everyone to pick his next meal:

Posted by Grace Chu Lee, TV Partnerships Team (@gracelee)