A new look for TweetDeck

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Today we updated the TweetDeck app on all our supported platforms - web, Chrome, Mac and Windows. The update is live now on web.tweetdeck.com. If you use the Windows app, just restart to trigger an auto-update. Chrome app users should restart Chrome to update the app and the updated Mac app is available now in the Mac App Store.

This update makes TweetDeck easier to use with design enhancements, personalization options and the addition of several frequently-requested features.


Choose your theme

The traditional dark background of TweetDeck is now clearer and cleaner, while maintaining the classic TweetDeck look. We have also added a lighter theme — a brand new colour scheme that offers dark text on a light background.


You can easily switch themes by clicking on the theme indicator on the top toolbar.



Change your font

Now you can change the size of the font used to display Tweets. On the General tab in the Settings pane, you can select Small (13pt), Medium (14pt) or Large (15pt) font sizes.



A year of improvements

Last December, we launched a new version of TweetDeck built on a framework that helps us develop new features and integrate your feedback. Since the start of the year we have been making continued improvements to the TweetDeck apps.

Here are just some of the highlights of our constant updates since we first launched these new apps back in December 2011:

  • Swifter navigation - Including the new column navigator and trackpad scrolling, enabling faster navigation and easier column reordering.
  • List management - Manage all aspects of your Twitter lists directly in the app.
  • Profile improvements - New Profile design, including support for header photos and an indicator when a user follows you.
  • Improved web support - Enhanced the performance of web.tweetdeck.com and added support for Firefox & Opera.
  • Deeper discovery and engagement - Gain more insight via the Interactions and Activity columns. Take action on tweets wherever they appear in the app.


Richard Barley @RichardBarley

Product Manager, TweetDeck