Your Mom...On Twitter

Thursday, 5 May 2011

When you’re hanging with your mom this Mother’s Day, try teaching her a thing or two about Twitter. As you see in the above video, moms on Twitter are like moms in real life: fun, funny, caring, adorable and engaging. It’ll bring you closer and provide some laughs as well.

Here are some things to prepare for…

She says, “But, I don’t have anything to say.”

You say, “Ok, but I know you don’t like it when I don’t call you back. Sometimes I get busy and if you’re curious what I’m up to, Twitter is an easy way to find out. You can get a lot out of Twitter without ever tweeting. Once you get comfortable with it, you can reply to me and I’ll see it just like I’d see a message from a friend.”

She says, “I don’t care about celebrities.”

You say, “But you care about me! There are tons of interesting accounts that you would like, too. Did you know that Martha Stewart (@marthastewart), Margaret Atwood (@MargaretAtwood) and Jamie Oliver (@jamieoliver) are all on Twitter? And, I know you like [gardening/art/travel/skydiving]. There are all sorts of accounts to keep you connected to your interests.”


This Mother’s Day, connect with your mom in a new way. Use the hashtag #MyMomTweets to honor her new account.