Your all-access pass to the NFL

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tomorrow night, the New Orleans Saints (@TheSaints) and Green Bay Packers (@packers) kick off the 2011 NFL season. And with every NFL team and nearly half of all the players tweeting, you can get closer than ever to all the action.

Whether you’re a casual fan or a gridiron die-hard, Twitter gives you a richer, 360-degree view of the game. Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t miss any of the action or behind the scenes insight:

  • Follow the NFL for the latest information about games, schedules and news.
  • Stay ahead of your friends and improve your fantasy football team’s chances. Check out ESPN Fantasy Sports, Yahoo! Sports and CBS Fantasy News for the latest insider updates to manage your roster.
  • Turn on SMS notifications for your favorite football accounts, and make sure you never miss a touchdown. You can learn about it here.
  • And, of course, you can search for teams and individual players to find related Tweets and accounts.

We’ve also made it easy to discover new football-related information with Twitter accounts for each team in the NFL. These accounts automatically select and retweet the top Tweets from official team accounts, coaches, players, owners and local media — bringing you the latest Tweets from your favorite team.

East: The Washington Redskins [@RedskinsTweets], the Philadelphia Eagles [@EaglesTweets], the New York Giants [@GiantsTweets], the Dallas Cowboys [@CowboysTweets]

North: The Green Bay Packers [@PackerTweets], the Minnesota Vikings [@VikingsTweets], the Chicago Bears [@CHIBearsTweets], the Detroit Lions [@LionsTweets]

South: The Atlanta Falcons [@FalconsTweets], the Carolina Panthers [@PanthersTweets], the New Orleans Saints [@SaintsTweets], the Tampa Bay Buccaneers [@BuccaneerTweets]

West: The San Francisco 49ers [@sf49erstweets], the Arizona Cardinals [@CardinalsTweets], the Seattle Seahawks [@SeahawksTweets], the St. Louis Rams [@STLRamsTweets]

East: The Buffalo Bills [@BUFBillsTweets], the Miami Dolphins [@Dolphins_Tweets], the New England Patriots [@NEPatriotTweets], the New York Jets [@NYJetsTweets]

North: The Baltimore Ravens [@RavensTweets], the Cincinnati Bengals [@BengalsTweets], the Cleveland Browns [@BrownsTweets], the Pittsburgh Steelers [@Steeler_Tweets]

South: The Houston Texans [@TexansTweets], the Indianapolis Colts [@ColtsTweets], the Jacksonville Jaguars [@JaguarsTweets], the Tennessee Titans [@TitansTweets]

West: The Denver Broncos [@BroncosTweets], the Kansas City Chiefs [@ChiefsTweets], the Oakland Raiders [@RaiderTweets], the San Diego Chargers [@ChargersTweets]