Promoted Tweets in timelines: success stories

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

We’ve recently expanded Promoted Tweets to appear in users’ timelines, and the results are in: Promoted Tweets in timelines are driving engagement.

Twitter is proud to offer marketers a new form of advertising that has delivered unparalleled engagement for marketers since we first launched Promoted Tweets in search. As we noted in our very first blog post, after analyzing thousands of campaigns, we’ve seen on average a 3-5% engagement rate with Promoted Tweets in search.

As we’ve expanded Promoted Tweets into timelines, we’ve been blown away with the level of engagement that brands continue to achieve. Here are just a few of the very first advertisers who’ve tested Promtoted Tweets in timelines as a way to extend the reach of their message to more users.

Note: Engagement with Promoted Tweets is defined as a click, Retweet, reply, or favorite, and all impressions are free since advertisers only pay for engagement on a CPE basis.

Engagement rate: 5.48%
Why it worked: Provided a great deal and asked followers to spread the word through Retweets

Twitter AMC Theatres Promoted Tweet

Engagement rate: 5.76%
Why it worked: Targeted Twitter’s base of college students with relevant messaging and strong call-to-action

Twitter Raytheon Jobs Promoted Tweet

Engagement rate: 5.02%

Why it worked: Included a contest with a large prize and a clear way to enter through Retweets and a link

Twitter The Best Western Promoted Tweet

Engagement rate: 4.05%
Why it worked: Offered timely merchandise immediately after the final match of the Rugby World Cup

Twitter World Rugby Shop Promoted Tweet

Engagement rate: 6.12%
Why it worked: Enticed its audience with a strong visualization of what the wedding dresses would look like before providing a link to a landing page

Twitter Brides Promoted Tweet

Engagement rate: 6.83%
Why it worked: Attention getting with a dissonant juxtaposition of pop culture and a current event

Twitter Buzzfeed Promoted Tweet


Engagement rate: 5%
Why it worked: Specific geo-targeting using regional copy (#steelers) to appeal to a relevant audience

Twitter UPSJobs Tweet

Engagement rate: 4.95%
Why it worked: Strong visualization of how the product will get results

Twitter Beachbody Tweet

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