Giving Back A Little TweetDeck Magic

Friday, 6 May 2011

During the course of developing our client apps and backend architecture, we have put a lot of hard work into developing many services internally to solve specific problems or improve performance where existing solutions have not been sufficient for our needs.

We have always been big users, and supporters, of open-source software here at TweetDeck, so, in the spirit of giving something back to the open-source community, we are open-sourcing a project, TDOAuth, which we hope might prove useful to a wider audience.

TDOAuth is a BSD-licensed, single-header and source, drop-in OAuth 1.0 solution for Cocoa Objective-C projects. It doesn’t implement the whole spec, but it implements the bits that you’ll find in the wild. It has a low-level approach, and a minimal interface, so you’ll grok how it works and not be that person who made your codebase depend on a big black OAuth-box that nobody understands or knows how to fix.

It can be found at

We’re also pleased to say that we will continue our stewardship of txRedis. txRedis is an event-based Redis client for Twisted Python. Redis is an in-memory fast key-value store used to implement TweetDeck services like and sync. The library is licensed under an Apache2 license, and is a fork of the original txRedis by Dorian Raymer. We’ve put a lot of work into fixing protocol parsing bugs, improving performance, and implementing support for Redis 2.2.

You can find it at