Discover: Thanksgiving

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Thanksgiving Day is upon us—tomorrow families and friends across the U.S. will gather to feast, relax and watch football or movies. It seems like a good time to share all the ways to enjoy our national holiday of gratitude on Twitter.

It’s all about the food
Some of the most useful (and delicious) Twitter accounts to follow right now have to do with food, of course. From well-known foodies like Martha Stewart (@MarthaStewart) and Rachael Ray (@rachael_ray) to brands like @WholeFoods and @FoodNetwork, the pros are tweeting out the latest tips to help you cook, serve and survive in good form.

…and other fun
For sports fans, Thanksgiving Day is all about the NFL lineup. If you’re planning to watch all the games, follow your favorite teams on Twitter, and see what fans everywhere are saying about the game. Here’s more information about all things NFL and Twitter.

Naturally, amusing Thanksgiving-related hashtags are popping up. Search for #LiteraryTurducken, where people from all over are chiming in with book titles that combine three classic works into one, in the spirit of the classic Creole turkey+duck+chicken main dish.

Finally, here are our staff picks for Thanksgiving-related accounts we think you’ll enjoy. And by the way, we’re feeling grateful ourselves—thank you for making Twitter all that it is.