Discover new accounts and search like a pro

Monday, 4 April 2011

We’ve made it easier to find and follow Twitter accounts based on your interests. When you search for a topic, you can now discover accounts that are relevant to that particular subject. (Previously, you would have seen accounts that have the specific term in their name or username. ) Just click on the “people” section of the search results page or search from the “Who to follow” page.

This new approach helps you find the Twitter users that will best help you follow your interests. For example, if you’re interested in hip hop, chances are that you’d like to follow hip hop artists. Searching for “hip hop” now surfaces accounts like @common and @questlove. (Previously, we typically showed accounts that have “hip hop” in the name.)

Whether you’re an aspiring cupcake baker, a crafty person looking for new DIY projects or someone who likes to keep an eye out for a great travel deal, you’ll be able to quickly find and connect with useful accounts. You can search for general topics, like funny or sports, or be more specific – try Manchester United, Nascar or Formula One.

One more thing! Now, when you search on, you’ll see a tip from Twitter. This tip points you to a set of search operators and our advanced search page, which help you more quickly find what you’re looking for.