Discover: Basketball

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Discover: Basketball

The NBA playoffs are approaching. It’s time to prepare for your daily fix of hoops news and grab your seat. Players across the league, from Dwyane Wade (@dwadeofficial) to Dwight Howard (@dwighthoward), and even Shaq (@the_real_shaq) connect with the outside world in Tweets, and in return for fans’ loyalty, teams share exclusive Twitter promotions and off-the-cuff insights.

In other words: if you’re not already following your favorite team and sports news source on Twitter, you should be. Below are great basketball resources to get you in on the action.

Pick your team:

— Find your team in this @NBA list and follow along for exclusive insight and free stuff.
— About 200 NBA players are on Twitter. Here’s an easy list to search through and follow.
—Wear your colors by applying one of these cool NBA themed profile backgrounds.

Follow the pundits for opinionated coverage of the playoffs:





Follow your old-school favorites to see what they’re up to now:






Join in the madness:

Hashtags are used in Tweets as tags to track a conversation (learn more here). Search, follow and interact with the ones that interest you. Try #GoLakers, #BeatTheLakers or #playoffs for a general conversation around each game.