@Bonobos Twitter exclusive flash sale delivers 1,200% ROI

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Every fashion forward man needs a pair of “Boo!-Ya” glow in the dark pants or a floral print of “Photosynthepants.” Whimsy is not unfamiliar territory for men’s apparel brand and e-tailer, Bonobos, which also offers an extensive selection of men’s clothing that are more suited for everyday wear.

Ahead of the fall season, Bonobos wanted to provide its spring/summer line at a discount as a way to move inventory and acquire new customers. The company had conducted similar promotions through other marketing channels but was looking for an approach that would give it more control over the customer’s experience and protect its profit margin, so it decided to launch a “Twixclusive” 24-hour flash sale on Twitter.

Bonobos marketed the deal exclusively on Twitter and offered $88 chinos at a deep discount of $49. They seeded interest by teasing the sale on Twitter before its launch. On the day of the launch, Bonobos used Promoted Tweets in timelines to announce the promotion. To further spread the buzz, users had to unlock the sale by retweeting the Promoted Tweet a total of 49 times.

In one day, the campaign generated 1,200% ROI and acquired nearly 100 new customers. David Fudge, Head of Social Media at Bonobos says, “The ROI was incredible. We have always considered social to be a major part of our marketing strategy. This campaign greatly reinforced Twitter as a valuable channel through which we can quickly and efficiently drive sales.”

Read the full case study here.