#TwitterTip: Freshen up with a new background for the revamped layout.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ah, profile backgrounds. The wardrobe of your online self. Now that the Twitter.com interface has been overhauled, it’s the perfect time to toss last year’s look and freshen up with a new one.

An easy place to start is by navigating to your settings page and clicking on the Design tab to choose one of Twitter’s home-made backgrounds. For more options, check out tweetygotback.com and search through racks of patterns to fit your style. They’re loaded with artwork from Threadless, NASA space images, and graphics from featured artists around world.

Feeling ambitious? Custom-tailor your own background using Themelon tool built by COLOURlovers. You can choose custom background images, then adjust your color pallette to complement your new look.

Need specifics for your design? Here are a few helpful things to note, courtesy of our friends at Mashable:

  • The opacity of the details pane is about 75%
  • The main timeline is a static 540 pixels wide
  • The details pane ranges in size based on screen resolution and covers 380-500px.

When you’re done, don’t forget to Save your sweet new style - either from the service you’re using or from your settings page. Then you’ll be ready to post tweets that represent you as well as your new look.