Friday, 19 November 2010

Tip #43: Use your mobile phone to get @replies and mentions via text message.

Planning a super busy weekend away from your computer? Take one key part of Twitter with you while you’re on the go. Read on to learn how to get all your @replies and mentions delivered to your mobile phone via text message.

Why is this helpful? Say I post a Tweet asking for happy hour recommendations before heading out for drinks on Friday. When my friend @mischa gets back to me by posting a reply on Twitter, the message will be delivered to my mobile phone as a text message. I don’t even have to sign in to my Twitter account to see it!

Here’s how you set this up: make sure you’ve added your phone to your Twitter account. Then just turn on “mentions and replies” notifications in your account’s mobile settings tab. Or, from your phone, you can text the phrase “set mentions on” to your local shortcode to activate these notifications. After that, you’ll receive a text message anytime someone mentions your username in a Tweet.