Tweets vs Mosquitos: Let's #endmalaria

Friday, 23 April 2010

Malaria threatens one half of the world’s population, resulting in 350 million cases each year and nearly one million deaths on an annual basis—many of them children. World Malaria day is this Sunday, and the impact of organizations devoted to the cause has already begun. In partnership with Malaria No More and The Case Foundation, Twitter is offering a way to help put an end to this disease. You can help starting today with just one tweet.

Tweets vs Mosquitos: Let's #endmalariaA worker in Tanzania inspects mosquito nets before delivery.

When you send a tweet about Malaria and pledge your donation of $10, you are providing a life-saving bed net to protect against this mosquito-borne infections disease. Your generous donation will be matched by The Case Foundation, providing the opportunity to double the impact of each tweet. For more information about Twitter and the fight against Malaria, visit our Hope140 site dedicated to helping all of us become a force for good.