TweetDeck User Streams Preview: Open To All

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I think it’s fair to say that the reaction to our User Streams Preview version of TweetDeck was extremely positive.

TechCrunch called it “Crack for Real-time Web Junkies”. The Next Web summarised their experience succinctly as “Twitter in real time. Mind. Blown.”

The world of Twitter at true real-time really is a new and exciting place, with Tweets and alerts flying in at lightning speed, making your conversations more like instant messaging rather than asynchronous postings.

When we initially launched our User Streams Preview version we had to put in place a strict whitelisting procedure. The Twitter User Streams Preview API is still very new and we had to be very cautious about our rollout. This was in order to allow the boffins at Twitter HQ to monitor the capacity of their systems and ensure that everything didn’t go up in a puff of blue smoke once we turned our app over to the public.

Well, it seems that everything is going well at their end. So well, in fact, that they are ready to let us extend the preview to anyone that would like to try it!

So, from now on, you can just download the User Streams Preview TweetDeck through its dedicated page at or directly from No sign-up. No waiting. Just install, run, and hop on The Deck at full-speed.

During the limited preview period we have been constantly improving, refining and ironing out the kinks to bring you the best real-time Twitter experience to date. However, this is still a preview product, so things may still break and change, but we think the advantages that you gain by having true real-time Twitter feeds makes this an essential download for anyone serious about being ahead of the game on Twitter.