It's TweetDeck, Translated

Thursday, 21 October 2010

A while ago, as you may recall, Guillermo the TweetDeck bird was travelling and decided that we should make TweetDeck available in lots more languages. Always ready for a challenge, and knowing the dangers of upsetting Guillermo, we set about making this happen. Conrad took control and organised a crack squad of volunteers to help out with the translations, whilst our development team donned their thinking caps and set to work on all the necessary technical bits and bobs to make it work.

And now, after months of hard work from everyone, we are proud to present phase one of the project - the TweetDeck Localisation Preview.

This new version of TweetDeck allows you to use Desktop TweetDeck in any of the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Dutch
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese
  • US English
  • UK English


Nice, but when is my language coming?

Don’t worry, we will soon be adding Chinese Simplified, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Korean and German!



      Great! Where do I get it?

      You can download the Localisation Preview version here:    (Why “i18n”?)

      We have set up a special forum to track any problems specific to the Localisation Preview, so please go here to report any problems or suggestions with regard to the technical operation of the app or any of the translations.

      Be aware that this version of TweetDeck is currently NOT using the User Streams API

      OK I installed, how do I change the language?

      Here’s what you will need to do to change the language of the TweetDeck app. 

      1. Install the update from the link above
      2. Navigate to Settings > General
      3. Select your language in the drop-down box and click Save on the settings window.
      4. Restart TweetDeck
      5. Remove your columns and then re-add them to see column headings in the correct language


      Please note: At this time we are not yet able to offer spelling dictionaries for these languages. We are investigating options here but currently spell-check will still only be in US-English only.


      Fantastic job on the translations! Who do I thank?

      This whole process wouldn’t have been possible without our amazing translators. They have worked day and night over the past few months to ensure that TweetDeck is available in their own language and we cannot thank them enough.

      An extra special thanks goes to the language team Leaders:  Shinji Arakawa, Patrick Mackaaij, Reza HasfinadaJosé Airosa


      • Shinji Arakawa
      • Mitsuhiro Yoshida
      • Tetz Hakoda
      • Motoko Takano
      • Takamoto Ando
      • Yuya Saito





      I would like to be a volunteer too, where do I sign?

      If you would like to apply to be a volunteer translator, please send an email to [email protected] with any relevant experience and we will be in touch.