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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Have you ever found yourself wondering where that taco truck you went to yesterday is parked today? Or had a nightmare that you forgot to make a dessert for your holiday dinner party and woke up frantically trying to decide what to cook? Before they even emerge, these questions and fears can be quelled by following the right sources on Twitter.

Since Thanksgiving is coming up and food is top-of-mind for many, we’re highlighting some of the discoveries that will help satisfy your tastebuds and get your kitchen wafting with aroma.

A Lifeline:

Direct any cooking question to @foodpickle and their community will answer it before you can say “preheat your oven to 350”.


Famous chefs like @markbittman, @davidlebovitz, @michaelpollan and @tylerflorence tweet about life inside the kitchen, and you can almost smell the food cooking in kitchens around the world through accounts like @wednesdaychef, @chefgui and @vindee. Get 140 character recipes from @cookbook, or follow outlets like @latimesfood, @saveurmag, @slashfood, @FoodNetwork, and @fandw for bite-sized tweets of foodie news and info.

Eating local:

Do a search for local sources in your area to find accounts like @eatersf and @SFoodie, which share info before anyone else about restaurant openings and other news. Check to see if your local farmers market has an account (if they don’t, tell them how it’s done!). Many markets tweet what’s fresh off the farms each week so you can plan your meals accordingly.

On the move:

Keep up with your favorite food trucks on Twitter. @mobilecravings has created separate lists of carts in cities around the U.S. that you can follow. If you’ve got a craving, try sending one of them a Tweet to see if they can come your way–you never know, the cupcake lady could be heading towards a street near you!

For fun:

@tiwyf (this is why you’re fat) tweets about ridiculously unhealthy foods like the Doughnut Ice Cream Sandwich.

*Editor's note: As of November 2017, Twitter has increased the character count of Tweets in certain languages to make it easier to share what’s happening.


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