ChromeDeck - the numbers, the Web Store and a big thank-you

Friday, 10 December 2010

As you may be aware we launched our first ever TweetDeck web app on Tuesday and I wanted to share some numbers and what has happened since. 

In the 3 days since the launch of the Chrome Web Store, our Chrome TweetDeck has had 45,851 users and been installed 62,477 times. To give these numbers some context it’s useful to compare them with the “big boys” of the Web Store such as the New York Times (43,542 users - 56,215 weekly installs) and Gmail (40,783 users - 37,921 weekly installs). 

Of course it’s very early days but even so we are blown away by the response and what appears to suggest TweetDeck is the most popular app in the Web Store right now! So I just wanted to say a huge thank-you to everyone who has given ChromeDeck a try, for sending us loads of feedback and commenting/rating it in the Web Store. As ever, lot’s more to come. In fact we’re prepping a new build as we speak, which I think is the second of the day.

Without getting too mushy, I also wanted to congratulate the team. We had a pretty hairy deadline and they have delivered way above and beyond. So a massive pat on the back to Tom, James, Sol, Steve, Fred, Rich, Conrad, Rob, Reza and the rest of the team. You’re all rather marvellous.