Branded short URLs in the wild and on TweetDeck

Friday, 29 January 2010

Just noticed something cool and wanted to share. If you’re using to shorten URLs and add a Techcrunch ( or Onion ( URL to the compose window in TweetDeck, instead of shortening to a link you’ll get an appropriately branded short URL i.e. or

I’ve subsequently learnt (from the guys) this is part of a new PRO service and these branded URLs will soon be opened up to all PRO enterprise users. From a user point of view short URLs with a greater sense of transparency can’t be bad and as a publisher getting potentially thousands of additional brand mentions in the stream wouldn’t hurt either.

So if you notice URLs shortening to something other than in your TweetDeck, don’t panic - this is expected and potentially rather interesting. Might be worth registering that short URL for your brand sooner rather than later. Could someone build a short URL generator?

UPDATE: use for a short domain generator (thanks yahelc)