Android TweetDeck 1.0: Ready for Market

Wednesday, 13 October 2010


It’s been a crazy couple months here at TweetDeck. We announced our public beta of Android TweetDeck on August 12th and since then we’ve done 11 releases, crushed millions of bugs and listened to a tonne of feedback. Today we’re ready to officially launch our Android app and make it available to everyone via the Android Market.

To download the app search the market for “TweetDeck” or click this link from your phone: Android Market (note: beta testers, please uninstall your beta version before downloading 1.0).


For those of you who haven’t had the chance to test the beta, Android TweetDeck is a completely reworked UI for managing your social media empire. With the app you can view and post to TwitterFacebook,Foursquare and Buzz. We’ve tried to innovate as much as possible to deliver a smooth, clean experience while offering more power than any other social mobile client. Updates from all services are viewable in blended Home and Me columns so you can easily keep up-to-date without a lot of jumping around. We’ve also strived to take what has made TweetDeck a great Twitter client and provide that level of support to the other services. Here’s a quick video rundown of app functionality:

Android TweetDeck 1.0 is just the beginning of our new wave of mobile products. We’re looking forward to continuing development by better supporting landscape mode, adding deeper Facebook integration, better multiple account support and lots more.

Additionally, we’ve started developing the new version of TweetDeck for iPhone and iPad. We’re modeling the app on the Android version, doing everything from scratch and not holding anything back. Those TweetDeck team members with iPhones are pretty amped about the new stuff. Stay tuned for updates on progress. 

We’d like to thank our beta testers (all 36,000 of you!) and invite you to follow @deckondroid to stay on the bleeding edge. It’s pretty cool that Android lets us distribute the app outside of the market as it makes testing so much easier. Please follow that account to find out about new test apks and the latest on pre-market releases.

Finally, we thought it would be a cool bonus to provide @fstid’s awesome angry android image as a wallpaper for your Android phones. You can grab it from here. Enjoy!