Visualize Whirled Tweets

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Way back in 2007 during the olden days of Twitter we set up plasma screens in the hallways between panels at SXSW Interactive. Tweets from SXSW’ers floated by hypnotizing attendees and introducing them to Twitter. It was tons of fun.

This year, the folks behind Twistori and Twennis have created an amazing, interactive visualization of what’s happening at SXSW. Pepsi has sponsored the project and it will be displayed on plasmas all over the venue. It’s running now so you can see that more people are “arriving” than “drinking,” “registering,” or “partying.” However, that will soon change.

Visualize Whirled TweetsSome of the features of this app are Stream (timeline), Popular (trends), Swarm (location), Party Watch, and Overheard. Party watch is going to be super useful if I remember correctly about SXSW and Overheard is hilarious. Congrats to Amy and Thomas for creating such a cool Twitter application and for landing a big sponsor like Pepsico.