TweetDeck v0.22 12seconds Recording

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

TweetDeck v0.22 has only one new feature but hopefully you’ll find it a useful one. You can now record 12seconds video right within TweetDeck, so no more having to open your browser. This feature makes it much more convenient to use the 12seconds service if you’re already using TweetDeck and will hopefully encourage more TweetDeck users to experiment with recording “video tweets”.

To get started simply click on the 12seconds icon at the top of TweetDeck and then click on the “Get me a 12seconds account fast!” link to set up your 12seconds account over at Whilst you’re there make sure to follow some other 12ers so your 12seconds column will update when they post new videos and, if you like, add in your twitter account details so your followers can be automatically informed when you post. Once your account is set up go back to TweetDeck and log in to add your 12seconds column.

At the top and bottom of your column there is a record button. Click on this and you’ll then see the webcam window. Once you’ve recorded your clip and posted it, you’ll be able to add a title, tags and a location to it and then submit this and you’re clip will be posted. After a few seconds you’ll see your clip appear at the top of your 12seconds column and your twitter followers will be informed (if you added your twitter details to your 12seconds account).

This release is not being pushed out to everyone right now since it is still being tested. Do feel free to install it directly from but be aware this is very beta software and is at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with this then please wait for the next major release where this functionality will be rolled up and better tested.

Tech Note: since this functionality requires the use of a HTML component some people on OS X may experience a crash when clicking on the record button. This is due to a conflict between AIR 1.5 and input managers as used by webkit browsers. The solution to this is to remove (move rather than delete) any input managers from the following folder: /Library/InputManagers.