TweetDeck v0.21.6 Autocomplete

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Here is a small but useful update to TweetDeck - username autocomplete. The autocomplete window is triggered by either

  • typing “d ” at the beginning of a tweet
  • typing “@” anywhere in a tweet
You can use the autocomplete functionality using just the keyboard and without touching the mouse (which is vital to this kind of feature). It’s easier to show you how it works than to explain it in a blog post…so here’s a video:

[UPDATE: video removed]

Since most people have only just updated their TweetDeck, this release will not be automatically pushed out to everyone. It’s available here on the blog if you’d like to manually install it and it will be included in the next full TweetDeck release. Please feel free to share it with whoever you like.
Please be aware this update has not been extensively tested so installation is at your own risk. If you are unsure then hold off until the next full TweetDeck update. The update is available from here: