TweetDeck v0.21.5

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Since this is a point release, rather than a full new version, it contains mainly minor functionality updates and bug fixes but there are one or two interesting new features:

  • you can now twitter to a global audience with the ability to translate tweets you’ve received and written into most languages
  • for those interested in monitoring stock information and chatter you can now turn your TweetDeck into a “StockTwits terminal” with the introduction of 5 StockTwits columns
  • get your tweets out to those who are not on twitter by emailing them from TweetDeck
  • for those times when I need to communicate something to all the open TweetDecks there is now a built-in messaging system
Rather than explaining everything in great detail, below is a video walkthrough of the main functionality. There is a full changelog at the bottom of this post.

[UPDATE: video removed]

Your TweetDeck will auto-update when the release is available or you can get it directly from here if you already have AIR installed:
I’ve also been working on the next full release which should be ready soon and is a real upgrade to the existing version with particular emphasis on memory usage, multiple accounts & synchronisation amongst a whole host of other new features.
If you have any comments or questions please do let me know.
Video Walkthrough of v0.21.5:

[UPDATE: video removed]

Added TweetDeck Services tab to Settings window
Added Powered by Twitscoop message
Added “reset window” command to Windows system tray
Added auto shorten url in shorten url box when user hits enter
Added auto include hashtags from original tweet when replying
Added persistent last 10 used hashtags dropdown to tweet box
Added connectivity check to login screen
Added preference to view profiles via web page (saves 3 api calls)
Added global messaging/alert system
Added preference to control brightness of icons
Added StockTwits Friends, Portfolio, All, Recommended, Commentary columns
Added new “Other actions” menu to tweet
Added Forward tweet via email to Other Actions drop-down
Added Search this user to Other Actions drop-down
Added preference to hide sent DMs
Added preference to hide previously loaded tweets
Added preference to limit maximum number of tweets in each column
Added Translate functionality to tweet box
Added Translate functionality to individual tweets
Added Untranslate functionality to individual tweets
Added auto-swap to international font when required by translation
Added extra line of height to tweets in narrow column mode
Added a space before the shortened url link inthe tweet box
Updated Tweetdeck to pull twitscoop API every 2 minutes
Updated column title to link to
Fixed profile follow/unfollow button to use extra API call to friendshipexists
Fixed duplicate posts in group columns
Fixed inconsistencies with unseen tweet count
Fixed “in reply to” when user changes the recipient
Fixed favoriting in profile tweets
Fixed links with # in not displaying in tweets
Fixed reply column showing already cleared tweets
Fixed overlap issue in remove column confirm window
Removed Tweetdeck Services auto insert
Removed maximum character limit on tweet box