Spam and sorting the ‘tweet from the chaff’

Thursday, 21 May 2009
Spam’s everywhere nowadays, it’s even moved onto Twitter. Plus the spammers are cottoning on to where they’ll find the greatest audience on Twitter and using hashtags for trending topics to bug the hell out of most of us.  

Yesterday the #Media140 hashtag became almost unusable as it was spammed by all manner of people promising winnings of $30,000 and other weird and not so wonderful things.  

Luckily help is at hand. With TweetDeck you can filter out the spam from the hashtags you’re following.  Simply create a search column for the hashtag, then click on the ‘Filter this column’ button at the bottom of the column and select ‘-‘ to choose negative filtering so you can exclude all tweets containing a certain word or sent from a certain user. 

As many of the TweetDeck users we spoke to yesterday at Media140 were using TweetDeck to sort the ‘tweet from the chaff’ we hope you’ll find this useful.