Shuffle up and Deal

Thursday, 28 May 2009

The World Series of Poker begins today in Las Vegas. For the poker fan, it’s a chance to see the best in the world contend with amateurs from all over the world.

If there’s a problem with the WSOP, it’s that there’s so much of it. It runs for almost two months, has over 50 events and involves thousands of players. Twitter user and poker pro Joe Sebok has created a great new tool for following all the action using Twitter.

PokerRoad Nation aggregates tweets from professional players (like Barry Greenstein and Annie Duke) as well as amateurs. You can filter the tweets to see updates about a specific WSOP event or from specific players.

When you’re trying to follow an event like a poker tournament where thousands of people might be playing at hundreds of tables, a tool like this let’s you see what’s going on through the players’ eyes. It’s a whole new way of seeing the game.