Minor Update to TweetDeck v0.25

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

TweetDeck v0.25 has been updated to fix the crashing issue some users have reported when TweetDeck has been minimised on a Windows-based machine. In tests removing the “minimise to system tray” functionality has “solved” the issue so this version of TweetDeck has been updated accordingly - obviously this is a temporary measure and we are looking at ways to restore this functionality minus the crashing as soon as possible.

Also in this update, TweetDeck will now refresh correctly when using a white-listed twitter developer account. We recommend you alter your API settings immediately otherwise your TweetDeck could be attempting to update 5 times per second.

To try out these fixes please download the new update from http://tweetdeck.com either by clicking on the download button or the yellow “Version 0.25” on the right hand side. If you are not affected by either of these issues then it is not necessary to download v0.25 again.