List-en very carefully, here's what's new with us

Friday, 30 October 2009

There are lots of very interesting things happening in the world of TweetDeck at the moment. Here’s a quick update on some of the biggies…

Getting listed

As Twitter start to roll out their newest invention, Twitter Lists, to the whole Twitterverse, here at TweetDeck we are getting very excited about what this means for the future development of TweetDeck. And let me tell you, that future is looking very interesting!

There is rightfully a lot of buzz around Lists, with people wondering what this means for the groups that they have already defined in TweetDeck. Our advice to you right now is to just do what feels right. If you want to create Lists, go ahead! Because, although you can’t access these lists in TweetDeck just yet, we are integrating Lists right into the heart of the application. 

While we’re not saying exactly how we’re integrating lists just yet - hey, we all need a few secrets! - be happy in the knowledge that we are integrating lists into TweetDeck. And as you would expect, we’re not just planning any old run-of-the mill integration…oh no. We think you’ll find that what we have planned for Lists is going to take your social media experience with TweetDeck to new heights.

So for now, if you’re one of the people who has Lists enabled on their Twitter account, feel free to create and subscribe on the website. You could even start with this one:, which contains all the folk here in the Batcave.

And don’t worry, we’ll soon be ready with a TweetDeck release that will make your Lists come alive!

Something special this way comes…

There is a one-off special-edition of TweetDeck, coming your way in the next couple of weeks. The details will remain a mystery for now, but we can say that this will be our most exciting “branded” edition yet.

All will be revealed soon…

We submit!

Do you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch? If so, keep an eye on the AppStore, because we have just submitted an updated version of the TweetDeck iPhone app for review by Apple. We will update you with more details of what’s new in this version very soon, so watch this space!

You are the Champions

And finally, we want to say a big “Thank you!” to our TweetDeck Champions.

This dedicated band of loyal TweetDeckers helped us test our latest release and gave us some great feedback prior to go-live. We are really grateful for all their hard work and look forward to getting them all involved in testing the next set of exciting new features coming up in v0.32. 

If you consider yourself something of a TweetDeck expert and would like to become a TweetDeck Champion, drop a tweet to me (@richardbarley) and we’ll have a chat.