Introducing the TweetDeck Directory

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The first question we all faced when we were new to Twitter was who to follow. For some of us it wasn’t such a hard decision as many of our friends and co-workers were already tweeting but for many figuring out who to follow isn’t so easy. And of course without interesting people to follow Twitter isn’t so useful.

At TweetDeck we want to make sure all of our users, new and old tweeps alike, have a great experience. That’s why we introduced the TweetDeck Recommends column to help you find new and interesting people to follow.  But we’re not satisfied yet, we want to do more, to give you a way to easily browse and find the best people to follow, whether you’re interested in trampolining or travel, potholing or politics. 

That’s why we’ve created the  TweetDeck Directory to make it easier to find and follow your favourite subjects on Twitter.  Think of it as a TV Guide for Twitter channels.  Simply  browse the directory by topic.  You’ll find everything from music to news and sports to travel.  When you find the perfect group for you simply click ‘Add to TweetDeck’ and the column will magically appear in your TweetDeck.