Integrating the Directory with a big "small" update

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Today we have launched TweetDeck for Desktop v0.32.5. 

This release integrates some aspects of the new TweetDeck Directory into the desktop application, so you can now explore and discover great Lists even easier than before.

You can also now view List comments from the TweetDeck Directory when viewing a List profile. You can even add your own comments too, allowing you to contribute to the conversation without having to open your browser.

Add to this a collection of fixes for some troublesome problems, and you have quite a big “small” update!

Here’s a run-down of what’s included in this release:
  • Improved List profile page which now allows you to view and add comments and ratings to the TweetDeck Directory for the list
  • Updated display of new-style retweet to now show “RT by username” next to the original tweeter’s username. Clicking the retweeter’s username will open their profile as normal.
  • Fixed issues in detailed notification window with new-style retweets as well as Facebook & LinkedIn commenting.
  • Introduced image caching for profile pictures
For more details, see the announcement in TweetDeck Support.

You can download v0.32.5 from  Alternatively, the .air file can be found here.