Get in Sync

Friday, 26 June 2009

Sync has been one of the most popular feature requests among TweetDeck users for quite some time.  We’re a friendly bunch here in TweetDeck and we like to keep you guys happy.  That’s why the new version of TweetDeck lets you automatically sync all your columns and groups across any computer or iPhone. 

You’ll be able to access all your TweetDeck information no matter where you are and get up and running on any computer, Windows, Mac, Linux, or even iPhone in a matter of minutes without creating everything all over again. We’ll also safely store your information so you’ll never lose your settings if your computer crashes or you delete a group by mistake.

Plus TweetDeck keeps working in the background so whenever you change a group or add a new column it’s updated and available on all your computers and your iPhone. Just like magic.

So how do you do it?  First things first, you need to download the new version of TweetDeck and register for a TweetDeck account.  All your existing columns and groups will then be imported and safely stored in the TweetDeck cloud.

Next, download the new version to all of the other computers you use TweetDeck on and link these computers to your existing TweetDeck account by clicking on ‘Settings’, ‘Sync’ and then entering your TweetDeck account information and clicking on ‘Verify Account’. 

If you’d like more help with syncing your TweetDeck information read our FAQs here.