Fixing you up with a small update

Monday, 24 August 2009

Here at TweetDeck, we care about our community. We care because, lets face it, you guys rock.

So when there are problems with TweetDeck, we need to fix them so that you guys can keep rocking and we can keep helping you do so. Recently some of you have been suffering from a few issues that, although seemingly quite small, have been giving you pain and, worst of all, stopping you from being able to use TweetDeck. This is a situation that we as a team have been urgently working to resolve.

The result of this hard work is TweetDeck version 0.26.5. v0.26.5 is not the big, new, shiny update that you are all very patiently waiting for, but is a minor update to fix the following specific issues that have been causing trouble just recently:

Not Authorised
This issue manifested itself when someone had changed their Twitter password, resulting in a “Not Authorised” status. When trying to change your Twitter password you may also have received a “Wrong details” error.

Blank Tweetdeck
This issue, documented here manifested itself in a totally blank TweetDeck screen.

Missing tweets while updating
We identified a situation that could arise where by tweets would be lost if they arrived in a column while TweetDeck was in the process of sending an outbound update. 

We really do appreciate your patience while we worked to fix these issues and we would especially like to thank those users who helped us to troubleshoot the problems. Without their help we would not have been able to find solutions as quickly as we did.

So if you have been affected by any of these three issues, go to and click “Download Now” to get v0.26.5. Install the update as normal and try using TweetDeck again. If you are still having problems, drop me a line at  [email protected], or ping me a tweet to  @richardbarley and I’ll help you out further.

Otherwise, sit tight and wait for the next full release which will be out soon. And we KNOW you’re going to love it :)