Discover The Dynamic New TweetDeck Directory

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Today we are delighted to announce a very exciting new version of the TweetDeck Directory.

Discover The Dynamic New TweetDeck Directory

Back in September we introduced the TweetDeck Directory to make it easier to find and follow your favourite subjects on Twitter. The Directory was very popular and thousands of you have used it to find interesting people to follow on Twitter.

The arrival of Twitter Lists onto the scene gave us a huge opportunity to make the Directory even better by focusing on using the power of Twitter Lists to make the Directory into something very special indeed.

And so today we would like to introduce you to the new TweetDeck Directory. Now totally dynamic and bulging with all the features you need to find great Lists to follow

Here’s a rundown of some of these great new features in detail.

Categories galore

The Directory is now organised into over 140 categories, from Architecture to Video Games, from Advertising to Telecoms. 
There’s a category in the TweetDeck Directory for everyone.

Click to add

When you find a List you like, just click Add to TweetDeck to follow that list and add a column for it in your TweetDeck.

Always up to date

New Lists will be automatically discovered every day and added to the TweetDeck Directory, so you’ll always be able to find the best Lists in real-time.
There’s no need to ask to be included - just create your List and once it starts getting followers, it will be discovered automagically and included in the directory.

Explore and analyse

Selecting a List will reveal a vast array of information about that List, including member information, follower/following numbers, tweet volume, recent tweets and even a wordcloud.
Click through to an individual user to reveal a similar level of detail for that Twitter account. 

Recommendations, history and more

The front page of the new Directory will show you personalised recommendations and Lists you have recently viewed. There is also an area highlighting new Lists that have just been added, ensuring you’re always seeing the best new content.
There are also areas for “featured” lists, highlighting those Lists that are particularly interesting or topical at the moment.

Powerful search

Find Lists quickly and easily with the powerful search function. Search results are laid out in a clear preview style, allowing you to see at a glance which ones you want to follow.

Ratings and Comments

Found a great List that deserves recognition? Rate it to lift it in our rankings. 
Feel the need to give your opinion? Leave a comment to start a conversation around a List. 

Dynamic new design

The Directory has a fresh new look, with the important information presented in a clear and engaging style.
The new TweetDeck Directory heralds a new beginning for the website too. Up until now the website has mainly been just a place you visit to download the TweetDeck application. But we are now starting to develop the website into a destination that you will want to visit again and again. 
The new Directory is only the first of many exciting new developments that we have planned, which will start to add a whole new facet to your TweetDeck experience.
We are all very excited about this new chapter in the evolution of the TweetDeck platform and we look forward to sharing lots more ideas with you soon.