Coming Soon: Bring Your LinkedIn Network to TweetDeck

Monday, 23 November 2009

With the addition of Facebook and MySpace, TweetDeck has gradually gone from being just a great Twitter client to now being a true browser for the real-time web. With the addition of each new network it has become easier and easier to stay in touch with your social circle. 

And today we are delighted to announce that in v0.32 you will also be able to keep up with your LinkedIn contacts via TweetDeck too. Thanks to the great new LinkedIn Platform, you will soon be able to add a LinkedIn column to your TweetDeck, showing all the updates from your network that would normally be visible on the LinkedIn web page. 


If you want to filter the LinkedIn column to only show certain types of update (e.g. status updates, connections or profile changes), you will be able to manage this from the new filter panel which will appear when you click the column header.


And not only will you see updates from your network, but of course you will be able send status updates, add comments to status updates and view LinkedIn profiles within TweetDeck, ensuring that you are always connected with your professional contacts just as much as your personal ones.


We are thrilled to be adding LinkedIn to the suite of networks available in TweetDeck and we hope you will enjoy being even more connected than ever before.

Look out for v0.32 of TweetDeck coming very soon, featuring lots of very exciting new features….Twitter lists anyone?