Check Out ExecTweets

Monday, 23 March 2009

Last year we created an interesting site for the US Presidential election. It looked a lot like Twitter but it was focused around the candidates, the debates, and the political topics being discussed. Lots of really great API projects have created similar experiences from the hilarious Cursebird to the sporty Twackle. Twitter is contacted regularly by brands interested in sponsoring innovative experiences based on topics of interest.

Check Out ExecTweetsHowever, our focused commitment to Twitter itself means we don’t have much time or resources to build these interesting topical experiences. It turns out the folks over at Federated Media have both the resources and the expertise. So if you’re a major brand and you want to sponsor a topic-focused social media experience with Twitter, we suggest Federated Media—they’ll fix you up right. Check out their first project in conjunction with Microsoft,