Bring your Facebook and MySpace friends closer

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Friends are important and now you can bring your friends even closer with the addition of MySpace and full powered Facebook in TweetDeck.  Or why not find some new friends who share your passions with the new TweetDeck Directory.  Download the new version of TweetDeck (v0.30) to keep in touch with all your friends on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter all from the comfort of TweetDeck.

Full Powered Facebook

Many users tell us they couldn’t live without TweetDeck groups to break their Twitter stream into bite size chunks.  So we’ve added a little TweetDeck magic to Facebook too, now you can group your Facebook friends and easily see what your ‘Real Friends’, ‘Work Friends’ and even your ‘Oldie but Goodie Friends’ are doing. 

It’s great to be able to see what your friends are up to with your own eyes, whether you’re around the corner or across the ocean.  The new fully powered Facebook stream lets you bring your friends closer by viewing photos, videos, links, wall posts, comments and more in TweetDeck. You can even preview entire albums of Facebook photos and see who’s tagged, without leaving TweetDeck.

Sharing your thoughts on Facebook is just a couple of clicks away too.  Now you can write wall posts, comments and status updates inside TweetDeck and even ‘like’ things that make you smile.  Plus we’re making life easier for Facebook Page owners, simply update your Pages directly from TweetDeck. 

Our new friend MySpace

We’ve made a new friend, MySpace. Update your MySpace status and mood from TweetDeck.  Keep your finger on the pulse with new MySpace columns to stay up-to-date with your friends’ status and moods, comments on your profile and view the full activity stream choc full of photos, events, videos and apps.  

Show and Tell

Tell everyone what you’re doing, simply write once, choose which services you want to update and then post to MySpace, Twitter and Facebook all at the same time.  Job done! 

Showing what you’re up to is also a whole lot easier. Simply drag and drop photos into TweetDeck to post to Facebook or Twitter.  Plus we’ve added a little preview so you can make sure you don’t accidentally share any embarrassing photos with the world!

Introducing the TweetDeck Directory 

We know it can be hard to find people talking about the things you’re interested in on Twitter.  That’s why we’ve created the  TweetDeck Directory to make it easier to find and follow your favourite subjects on Twitter.  Think of it as a TV Guide for Twitter channels.   Browse the directory, find a group that takes your fancy, click ‘Add column’ and the column will magically appear in your TweetDeck.

Some spring cleaning 

We’ve also done a bit of a spring clean but don’t panic, all of your beloved TweetDeck features are still there. Simply click the Twitter button in the top left to add new columns or find your synced search and group columns.  We’ve also simplified the update window so you can simply paste or drag and drop a link into the main space and it’ll automatically be shortened and added to your tweet.  The rest of the buttons have taken residence above the tweet box instead of below.  Plus some other little improvements we hope you’ll enjoy including:
• Minimise to tray.
• Post photos to Twitter via TweetPhoto.
• Ability to add a account.
• Quick Profile – Simply enter a Twitter name to view profiles in TweetDeck.
• Better follower management.

It may sound like a cliché but sharing really is good and we want you to be able to share TweetDeck with your friends whoever and wherever they are.  That’s why we’ve made it possible for anyone to use TweetDeck with or without a Twitter account.  Go forth and share TweetDeck with all your friends – Facebook, Twitter and MySpace fans alike. 

Get closer right now with the new TweetDeck,  download it for yourself and try it out.