Bing Goes The Dynamite!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Bing Goes The Dynamite!

We very firmly believe the open exchange of information can have a positive impact on the world. Every day we see evidence supporting this belief. Most Twitter accounts are public for a good reason—people find value in openness. An open approach means value for users, value for partners, and value for Twitter.

We have a team focused on delivering value from a search and discovery perspective at Twitter and they’re just getting started. Twitter is earning a reputation for delivering real-time results to queries about things that are happening right now. Moreover, there are already tens of thousands of Twitter apps and more to come because people want the choice to consume and create tweets wherever and whenever they prefer. The folks over at Bing took a keen interest in Twitter and worked fast to establish a working relationship with us in line with our open approach.

You can read more about Bing’s new Twitter search on their blog or just try it out. Twitter is providing Bing access to the overwhelming deluge of public, real-time tweets rushing in from all around the world so they can help you find those that make the most sense right now. While Twitter currently presents tweets based simply on timeliness, Bing is experimenting with new solutions such as “best match.” We hope more working relationships with organizations in the search business will mean even more variety for users.

Because of our open approach there are many ways to interact with Twitter, and there will be many more to come. As we work to mature our service and platform offerings, we also hope to develop meaningful relationships with companies that share our vision of creating value for everyone involved—especially users. Whether it’s emerging startups, big companies, or people simply sharing information, we’re establishing successful partnerships. Also, it’s fun.