AIDS is Preventable and Treatable

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Over the course of several meetings with the dedicated people behind (RED) we have learned a lot about fighting AIDS in Africa. Personally, I was struck by how effective treatment can be—someone on death’s door can be brought back to life in as little as 90 days. This transformation is called the Lazarus Effect and it has more impact than you can imagine. When someone is treated, they can go back to being a mom, they can go back to their job, or to school. Fighting the disease at a large scale means positive changes not just for individuals but also socially and economically as people return to productive lives.

This amazing transformation comes from two pills daily at a cost of forty cents per day. Our friends at (Product)Red are making it easy for us to help fight AIDS by partnering with companies that make the products we buy already. For example, these red laces Nike designed to both raise awareness and help financially. At Twitter, we’re making it fun and easy to spread the word about this preventable and treatable disease that is hitting Africa the hardest. If you use any of the following terms below today on Twitter your tweet will turn red. Today is World AIDS day, help us spread the word.

#red 100% of the monies generated by (RED) partners and events goes directly to fund programs to fight AIDS in Africa
@joinred is the official account of the (RED) campaign
40 cents a day can keep someone with AIDS alive
World AIDS Day is the perfect day to tweet for a cause
AIDS is preventable and treatable
HIV affects 33 million people around the world
#laceupsavelives is Nike’s own campaign

We’ve also created a red theme which you can switch to in your profile settings. Don’t forget to follow @joinred to stay informed. Here are some of the success stories.