What's Trending And Why?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I’ve just taken a quick look at what’s trending on Twitter right now and tried to explain why in 140 characters or less.

  • T-Mobile is trending because Google and T-Mobile have announced G1 a fancy new computer phone like the iPhone.
  • Obama is generating tweets today as people react to his comments on CNN from Florida about the current state of the US economy.
  • Heroes is still inspiring tweets even after the US premiere of its new season—lots of folks are just now watching it via DVR or online.
  • Sarah Palin trends every day but today folks are tweeting about her visit to the UN and that she’s only had a passport since 2007.
  • iPhone is generally popular but trending more today because of a power adapter recall and the new competitor from Google.
  • Adobe is generating tweets today because they’ve announced their flagship software suite, Adobe CS4.
  • Paulson is showing up in the Twitter trends as people exchange opinions about the government bailouts in the US.
  • Mothra is trending apparently due to a growing meme of “Your Mothra…” jokes—not sure what’s up with that.
  • Apple seems to be trending for two reasons: folks are eating a lot of apples today and they’re discussing iPhones and other Apple products.

*Editor's note: As of November 2017, Twitter has increased the character count of Tweets in certain languages to make it easier to share what’s happening.


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