TweetDeck v0.21 is here - Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

TweetDeck v0.21 is now available and contains quite a few new elements of functionality and two very important bug fixes which have been effecting the update of #searches and tweets being dropped from the All Friends column. The “big ticket” items in this update include a spell checker, your sent DMs show in the DM column, option to have narrower columns, the introduction of TweetDeck Services (more on that in a future post) and the integration of TweetShrink into the tweet panel.

This version is also the first version which requires AIR 1.5 - which may present the odd issue for Linux users. Please see here for tips on how to upgrade to AIR for Linux 1.5 so that TweetDeck will keep working Tips on resolving application issues for Linux UsersAdobe Air for Linux Delivers (if you can get it installed)

Your TweetDeck will auto-update to v0.21 within the next few hours or, if you can’t wait, you can manually download it from the homepage.

Here are the v0.21 updates in full:

  • Added spell checker
  • Added sent DMs to DM column
  • Added “narrow columns” preference
  • Added confirm box when closing a column
  • Added TweetShrink functionality to tweet panel
  • Fixed bug with missing tweets from All Tweets feed in between your own posts
  • Fixed #searches not updating properly
  • Updated interface to make it slimmer, reduced some UI spacing
  • Added tweet actions now cause tweet to be marked as seen
  • Added logic to auto-add http:// where necessary to urls to be shortened
  • Added double-check so reply column tweet must contain @username
  • Added “unknow” message to profiles where returned data is incomplete
  • Updated “mark as read” to “mark as seen”
  • Updated saving of window size & position and url shortener code
  • Updated logout button location
  • Updated “All Tweets” to more accurate “All Friends” column name
  • Updated 12seconds video to be more in line withtweet UI
  • Fixed hanging when deleting tweet
  • Fixed bug so edited group names update straight away
  • Fixed hanging when marking as read
  • Fixed bug where a cleared column now updates with just new tweets
  • Fixed bug with DM counter
  • Removed auto-update of favorites column
  • Removed cross column marking as read - performance issue, temporary measure
  • Removed cross column deleting - performance issue, temporary measure

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!