TweetDeck v0.20.7 Pre-release

Monday, 22 December 2008

TweetDeck v0.20.7 is now ready for pre-release testing. Please only install this version on the understanding it is a pre-release, untested and is at your own risk.

This point release contains the following important fixes and new functionality over v0.20.6:

  • Added sent DMs to DM column
  • Added “narrow columns” preference
  • Added confirm box when closing a column
  • Added TweetShrink functionality to tweet panel
  • Fixed bug with missing tweets from All Tweets feed in between your own posts
  • Updated interface to make it slimmer, reduced some UI spacing

And here are the rest of the updates in full:

  • Added tweet actions now cause tweet to be marked as seen
  • Added logic to auto-add http:// where necessary to urls to be shortened
  • Added double-check so reply column tweet must contain @username
  • Added “unknow” message to profiles where returned data is incomplete
  • Updated “mark as read” to “mark as seen”
  • Updated logout button location
  • Updated “All Tweets” to more accurate “All Friends” column name
  • Updated 12seconds video to be more in line with tweet UI
  • Fixed hanging when deleting tweet
  • Fixed bug so edited group names update straight away
  • Fixed hanging when marking as read
  • Fixed bug where a cleared column now updates with just new tweets
  • Fixed bug with DM counter
  • Removed cross column marking as read - performance issue, temporary measure
  • Removed cross column deleting - performance issue, temporary measure

    Please ONLY download TweetDeck v0.20.7 from

    Comments & criticisms etc to hello at tweetdeck dot com - thanks. 

    If testing of this version is successful then it will become v0.21 and be pushed out to all TweetDeck installs via the automatic update on 24th December, Christmas Eve.