TweetDeck v0.20.5 Pre-release

Saturday, 6 December 2008

The previous pre-release was supposed to be the final one but testing turned up an issue with the application hanging when clicking on any of the Tweet functions, such as replying or retweeting etc. This hanging could be especially lengthy on Windows XP systems OR when your TweetDeck contained many thousands of tweets. The reason for the hanging that TweetDeck is zooming through all the tweets in all the columns and setting all instances of the clicked on tweet to be marked as read (or marked as seen as it is now termed). I’ve changed this behavior to only mark the tweet as seen in the specific column where it has been clicked. The purpose of this build is to see if this change in functionality removes the observed hanging.

Please ONLY download TweetDeck v0.20.5 from 

As ever if this pre-release version tests successfully then it will be pushed out via the automatic update to all TweetDeck installs.