TweetDeck v0.20.3 Pre-release

Friday, 28 November 2008

The final pre-release is now ready. This version will form v0.20.5 which will be pushed out as soon as possible if testing goes well. Please only install this version on the understanding it is a pre-release and is untested.

This point release contains the following fixes and new functionality on top of v0.20.1:

  • Rewritten saving of window size & position and url shortener data to preferences files
  • Moved logout button to top right 
  • Added all tweet actions now cause tweet to be marked as seen
  • Added logic to auto-add http:// where necessary to urls to be shortened
  • Bug fixed where a cleared column now updates with just new tweets

Please ONLY download TweetDeck v0.20.3 from

Comments & criticisms etc to hello at tweetdeck dot com - thanks.