TweetDeck v0.20.1 Pre-release

Monday, 24 November 2008

TweetDeck v0.20.1 is now ready for pre-release testing. Since the contents of this update are important, testing of this version is open to everyone. Please only install this version on the understanding it is a pre-release and is untested.

This point release contains the following fixes and new functionality:

  • Fixed bug with search columns not updating when they contain the # symbol
  • Removed auto update of favorite column to test if it is having a detrimental effect on the number of calls made to the API and causing API rate limit exceeded when it should not
  • changed references to marking tweets as “read” to marking them as “seen” which is more appropriate
  • Added spell checking to tweet box and search box
  • Added confirm box when removing columns

Please ONLY download TweetDeck v0.20.1 from

Comments & criticisms etc to hello at tweetdeck dot com - thanks. 

If testing of this version is successful then it will be pushed out to all TweetDeck installs via the internal automatic update asap.